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Baby Caring Game for little kids and parents

August 8, 2012 by Baby Caring game’s – Hazel needs your help to take care of her brother or sister. To keep her brother or sister happy you have to take part in a variety of tasks. Do not let the baby cry otherwise you will lose the game and be in trouble with Hazel’s Mom.


16 Responses to “Baby Caring Game for little kids and parents”
  1. 954abby says:

    wats the name of the game and i wanna play it

  2. onlinekidsgames says:

    For Playing (Baby Caring) click at the link below in the description.

  3. frenchfrieperson1 says:

    wait wait wait.. if she can drink out of a glass then why give her a bottle in the first place?

  4. s1221rwal says:

    i finshes the game :D

  5. onlinekidsgames says:

    great, now you can find some other funny game to play at bestonlinekidsgames

    ENJOY !!!

  6. fighterjoe22 says:

    what an annoying game >< gah virtual babies are so fussy!

  7. Nhia89 says:

    whats the name o the song?

  8. edwin korytko says:


  9. jeuxdebarbie1231 says:

    i don’t like the games because i’m twenty two year old lol

  10. eric perez says:

    almost looks like a small ugly version of justin beiber lol

  11. justinbieber103416 says:

    just u look at y8 game right baby u can see this games

  12. TheMonito45 says:

    que juego tan aburrido[iminent=dnhOF7YVffOB]

    ¡Acabo de publicarte un emoticono super grande!

  13. TheMonito45 says:

    q lindo bebe

  14. Romi Saputra says:

    great, interest and cool..

  15. ScooterScanley says:

    You are stupid

  16. SARGENT309 says:

    Looks like a lot of fucking work.

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